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The Research Centres in the Archeological Area.

Centro Interuniversitario per la Storia e l'Archeologia dell'Alto Medioevo - SAAME

The Centre was born with the objective to riunite the vast group of active scholars in Italy in the study of the Dark Ages. The founding objective was and still is the idea of filling the cultural and methodological fracture between history, intended as the study of written resources and archeology, the study of material testimony.

Centro di studi interuniversitario sulla centuriazione "Nereo Alfieri-Luciano Bosio" - CeStuCe

The Centre was conceived in 1999 by the then Department of Archeology from the Universities of Bologna and Padova, with the objective of promoting historic and topographical searches, enhancing the lines and methods of research proper to the studies conducted by the two scholar the centre was named after.

Centro Interuniversitario di Studi sull’edilizia abitativa tardoantica nel Mediterraneo - CISEM

The Centre was officially born in 2009 with the objective of managing research and teaching activities regarding the residential construction in the late ancient times, preferring the cultural exchange between institutions and departments of the University connected and promoting agreements of interdisciplinary collaboration at a national and international level.

Centro di Ricerca per le Tecnologie Multimediali Applicate all'Archeologia - Te.M.P.L.A.

Born in 2001 with the objective of insalling an organisation for research, the coordination, the programming and development of the numerous activities connected to the use of informatic technology of documentation, classification and editing of archeological information.

Centro di Ricerche di Bioarcheologia - ArcheoLaBio

Born at the beginning of 2009, it was proposed as the main reference point of a high professional level for the analisis of natural, floral and faunal evidence, from archeological contexts from various types and ages.

Centro di Studi per l'Archeologia dell'Adriatico - Arcadria

Established in 2000 by the University of Bologna, it has the objective of giving incentive to scientific research and promote the historic and archeological knowledge connected to the Adriatic sea.

Centro per lo Studio delle Antichità Ravennati e Bizantine "Giuseppe Bovini" - CeSARB

In the two hundred year old Casa Traversari in Ravenna was founded in 1963 by Giuseppe Bovini, who was the director until 1975, the XII Institute of the Faculty of Classical philology, Italian studies and Philosophy in the University of Bologna, the first faculy in the University to operate in Ravenna and Romagna.