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Location of the Department


The Department of History and Cultures is located in several buildings in the cities of Bologna and Ravenna.
Please see the map for location of buildings in the city of Bologna and Ravenna.
For information on public transports  see the website of  Bologna TPER and Ravenna TPER

Piazza S. Giovanni In Monte 2, Bologna
SGM The Department's main building is in the San Giovanni in Monte historical Complex.
Via Guerrazzi 20, Bologna
Guerrazzi The building in Via Guerrazzi is in the Flemish College.
Via Zamboni 33, Bologna
Zamboni 33 The building in Via Zamboni 33 is situated in the historical Palazzo Poggi.
Via Zamboni 38, Bologna
Zamboni 38 The building in Via Zamboni 38 is currently inside the historic Palazzo Riario.
Via S. Vitale 13/30, Ravenna
San Vitale The Organisational Unit in Ravenna is the historic buildings of Casa Traversari and Palazzo Maioli.